I live!

Yes it’s been quite a while, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want with it! So, I’ve decided to make some announcements.

Just so I don’t bury the lede too much, I will be streaming my playthrough of Monster Hunter Rise on Twitch.tv/dynabee to complete its story! Please come and say hi! It will be soon, promise!

Now with that said, I can move smoothly into the next big announcement. Monster Hunter Rise has hit 3.0! Meaning that It is assumedly a “complete” version of the game, narratively speaking. As such, I finally feel comfortable being able to make a “complete” review of it! Of course, this game, like World before it, will continue to receive updates. DLC, free additions of monsters, new events, and possibly an equivalent to Iceborne! But, I must settle to make my review on the game as I feel it intended to present itself as a complete product. The story is complete, and therefore, this is the complete version of the game prime for review. Capcom themselves make the distinction that Iceborne and base World are their own separate entities, and many agreed and reviewed them as such.

All this to say! I will soon be writing a “complete” review of Monster Hunter Rise! I have been thoroughly enjoying this latest installment of my favored franchise and would love, dearly, to pen it and share it with you, my dearest audience. If my retrospective is anything to measure this review against, I will have capital-p Plenty to say about it. Stay tuned, lovely…

My layered armor collection in Rise is full and beautiful

I have so many outfits to show off!

Oh but that’s not all! I’m a woman with time on her hands after all. I’ve been living well enough to gather more ideas and thoughts about things. One such is one of my new favorite game narratives, possibly of all time: Disco Elysium! I have been wholly and completely enjoying nearly every moment of that game, its systems, its game design, and most of all its narrative! It is possibly the first CRPG I’ve fully invested myself in. I do think I’d like to say a lot about this game, but in my conversations with my bestie I’ve found I have a bit of trouble getting across what about it is so good to me. There are negative aspects about it that I have trouble reconciling with in relation to what I find are really positive traits. One thing I can say though is that it is quite tidily designed. There are these moments when I’m deep in a game and find that I’ve a full on plan for nearly everything I’ll be doing for the next hour, and that that plan has almost coalesced, seemingly (get this) by the game’s very design! Disco is one of those games that gives me just such pleasure. Therefore, and I hope this doesn’t come crashing in on me, but I would very much like to write something about it once I reach its ending. Maybe once I get closer to finishing my playthrough I’ll be more comfortable calling that writing a review. Stay tuned!

So that’s three big things: a stream, a new review, and more future promises! I think that’s pretty substantial, don’t you? And yet here I am wanting to say a little more… Well aren’t you lucky getting me to tell you so many little things? Well fine, I shall make myself more knowable for you. In the meantime, besides playing games, I have been fostering a new life! A slug! My precious little invertebrate made their way into my life via a bundle of Wasabina leaves (greens of a wasabi plant, who’d’ve thunk?) and my little Wasabi has been growing big and strong. She’s getting bigger by the weeks, and making my heart likewise. I’d like to believe she’s a field slug… Whatever some biologist would like to call him, she’s my gooey little baby.

Lately I’ve been slowly sinking into retro games appreciation. To my mental benefit and wallet detriment. I’d been trying for what must’ve been a month to get a Game Boy Advance in Glacier Blue… The color of my childhood. Let a woman have her nostalgic moments. Happy to report, I’ve successfully acquired the proper model, and have plans to refurbish it to the best of my abilities. Stay tuned for my report on how well I’ve done on retrobrighting a very yellowed piece of history. But, as with many of my taken on obsessions, I’ve gone hard on it. I’ve purchased a flashcard game pak for my favorite little handheld of yesteryear, and will be inappropriately enjoying favorites old and new on the appropriate hardware. I’ll be sure to let you know if I’ve gone even more ham and decided to obtain Modded Hardware (I hope you’re shivering!).

Well, I think that’s plenty of life and “work” updates. I’ve been trying to get more onto this blog, but I won’t chastise myself too hard over it. This is a pleasure project after all! It should be pleasurable. I hope you’ve enjoyed another hello after all this time, and I hope I’ve caught your attention and desire for more from me. Thanks for sticking through, honest.

Last words! Come watch me finish my playthrough of MH Rise! I’m hoping to stream the day or day after this post goes up. Not a great promoter and scheduler for myself, I admit. But if you do want to get more frequent, much shorter, updates from me, why don’t you give me a follow on twitter? It's here: twitter.com/dynahbee you can just click it… it won’t bite… I’ve got nothing better to end this with, so bye!